Board of Health Responds to New Orders from Gov. Baker and Covid Outbreak

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At the Board of Health meeting on November 2, the Board reviewed Covid-19 cases in Bedford and the details of Governor Baker’s most recent proclamation on public health measures. The Governor hopes that a limited period of strict enforcement will curtail the recent surge in cases in the Commonwealth. With an increase to 21 new Covid-19 cases over a two-week period, Bedford has moved into the red high-risk category.

The new order will require the wearing of face-coverings by all persons in all public places, even where they are able to maintain six feet of distance from others. The rule applies to riders on transit vehicles and within retail stores.

The new rule also limits gatherings in private homes as well as public spaces, with potential fines for both.

The new guidelines go into effect at 12:01 am tomorrow, Friday, November 6, 2020.  The full Governor’s full order can be found here:

Recent Cases in Bedford

Mark Waksmonski, Bedford’s Community Nurse, reported that of 19 recent cases the contract tracing showed that most patients were less than 25 years of age and the majority of clusters were found within individual households. The virus may have been transmitted within car-pooling groups. He said there is no evidence that contagion has occurred during sporting events, but may be related to informal gatherings of players.

Waksmonski stressed that to get cooperation for contact tracing people need to be told, “It is ok to test positive,” he added, “There is a fear of social backlash.”  The BOH is considering setting up a tip line for reporting large gatherings.


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