Dot’s Reading Room – A Thought-Provoking Article from ‘The Correspondent’

Although Joe Biden won the US election last week, Donald Trump won a record-breaking 71 million votes. In Bedford, the incumbent president received 2,106 votes.

“Not every Trump voter is racist or misled. There’s a rational Trump voter too,”  writer Nesrine Malik offers seven reasons why rational people voted for Trump in ‘The Correspondent.’

Click this link to read Nesrine Malik’s full article

In order to move the country forward, those 71 million voters need to be understood.  Here are the seven ‘rational Trump voters’ as delineated by Malik:

#1 – Corporate shareholders

#2 – High earners

#3 – Market winners

#4 – Entrepreneurs

#5 – Lower educated unemployed

#6 – Workers at the lower end of the labor scale

#7 -Americans threatened by low-skilled immigration



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  1. I shared this synopsis with the Managing Editor of a similar publication, the Ark Valley Voice (AVV) in Colorado where I am Copy Editor. She encouraged the entire crew to read the comments and full article. We’ve had positive response and it will likely be the focus of a future staff call about how the AVV can help our readers encourage some soul searching. The final two paragraphs are sobering. We hope to explore how might we all find a way to change course to a better place? How to not let this theme repeat itself?

  2. not a chance. 45 is a misguided melomaniac that has practically destroyed this country. hopefully Biden can right the ship!!!

  3. It is SO hard to understand anyone’s support for Trump. This article helps explain some of the reasons people can look past his womanizing, pathological lying and dismissal of science in handling climate change and the pandemic. Thank you for sharing this.

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