ELECTION DAY, 2020 ~ At the Start

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The line at 6:45 am – Click to view the full-size image


More than 80 voters lined up before the polls opened at 7 o’clock on Tuesday morning. Bedford’s ‘Voter One’ arrived at 6 am, ahead of anyone else. “The parking lot was empty,” she said later. Poll workers began to arrive for their 6:30 am shift start, and the line of voters began to build.

A poll worker was assigned to confirm voter precincts before entering the JGMS gymnasium, and others pointed the way to the new entry — formerly the exit.

State Senator Mike Barrett and State Representative Ken Gordon made a short visit to the polls and posed for a photograph. In stark contrast to other elections, there were no candidate signs or volunteers urging last-minute votes or greeting neighbors as of 8:30 am.

Bedford polls are open until 8 pm Tuesday evening. Emergency absentee ballots are available (click this link to learn more), and the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts is offering free rides to the polls through a collaboration with Lyft. Voters can use the Lyft app and enter code LWV2020 (up to $15) for one car ride, bike, or scooter to a polling place or ballot drop box; for full details visit https://www.vote411.org


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