New Dashboard Clarifies Bedford’s Covid-19 Statistics

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In her most recent memo on Covid-19, Town Manager  Sarah Stanton announced that “Bedford remains a Green (Lower COVID-19 Risk) Community,” and went on to unveil a new “dashboard” which reports Covid-19 statistics in Bedford.

The dashboard’s numbers are derived from MA DPH’s Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN.)  It was developed in collaboration with Board of Health staff; its statistics will be updated at 8 pm each evening, Monday through Friday.

The new dashboard tracks occurrences of coronavirus in Bedford group living situations such as long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and group housing. The Bedford VA tracks their own patients and no new Covid-19 patients are being transferred to the hospital.

Occurrences at Bedford schools are broken out by building and include all cases at the school, whether students, teachers, or staff.  Some of the individuals in the report may not live in Bedford, but are counted in the school totals on the dashboard as school cases, and are also tracked by their local Boards of Health.

Fire Chief David Grunes previewed the dashboard at the Bedford Board of Health meeting on Monday, November 18, 2020. Members of the Board were very pleased with the amount and clarity of information the dashboard provides. Board member Susan Schwartz congratulated the staff saying, “Awesome! I think you nailed it.”

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