Stay Tuned: Partial Bedford Vote Totals Are Expected Soon

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Scanning mail-in and in-person early voting ballots went on throughout the day using a separate set of voting machines in a segregated area of the gymnasium


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Veteran poll workers and the newest colleagues just after the polls closed

Town Clerk Bridget Rodrique plans to post preliminary voting machine tapes this evening, with Bedford’s official count available somewhat later.

Bedford’s polls closed at the stroke of 8 pm on Tuesday evening; the final voter was a new resident who has only lived in town a short time and seemed pleased to have been able to vote.

Based on anecdotal comments by voters throughout the day, and during early in-person voting, their experiences were uniformly positive. Short lines, knowledgeable poll workers, along with effective social distancing and appropriate procedures. Rodrigue thanked everyone who helped, some in big ways others in small, to make Election 2020 a procedural success.

The Bedford Citizen’s 9 pm email feed is on hold tonight until the Town’s preliminary vote totals are posted so our readers will have them as soon as is practicable.

Stay tuned!

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Melinda Ballou, a volunteer with Play for the Vote, serenaded voters leaving JGMS as the polls closed.

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