Under New Population-Based Covid Metrics, Bedford is Again a Green Community

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Mass.Gov updates the Commonwealth’s community-level coronavirus data every week and displays it for each town on a map of the state.

On Friday, November 6, the Commonwealth released a 93-page, enhanced data set. The granular data to be updated on a weekly or biweekly basis, including town-by-town reports, is expected to be released each Friday

A new strategy is in place for calculating the town-by-town statistics and assigning a color category. Using this strategy, Bedford appears as a “GREEN” community. The calculations are based on each community’s population; under the new guidelines, Bedford falls within the 10K-50K middle column metrics.

Bedford’s data for November 6, 2020

Total Case Count: 312

Two Week case Count: 18
Average Daily Incidence Rate Per 100,000: 8.6
Relative Change In Case Count: Lower

Total Tests: 14,245
Total Tests Last 14 Days: 1,421
Positive Tests Last 14 Days: 19
Percent Positivity: 1.34%
Change In Percent Positivity: Lower

To Learn More

Where to find the Commonwealth’s new 93-page Covid reports: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/community-level-covid-19-data-reporting

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