HomeGoods at the Great Road Shopping Center Set to Close Early in 2021

The HomeGoods store in the Great Road Shopping Center is scheduled to close its doors on Jan. 14, 2021.

According to Bethany Crocetti, corporate communications manager for TJX Companies, the outlet is going to “relocate” to Market Place Drive in Waltham, where a major retail complex has replaced the former Polaroid manufacturing operation.

Asked if there was a reason for the decision, she responded, “We are always assessing and reviewing our real estate strategies, and our decision to relocate this store reflects that thinking.”

Customers lamented the news, which they heard from employees, in Facebook posts on Monday.

HomeGoods is under the corporate umbrella of the owner of two other Bedford anchor retailers, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Alyssa Sandoval, the town’s Director of Economic Development, said Monday afternoon she has heard reports of the store’s closing but has not received official confirmation.

HomeGoods, which has more than 800 outlets nationally, sells furniture, linens, cooking products, art and other home accessories.

The Great Road Shopping Center is the largest Bedford taxpayer outside of the Middlesex Turnpike-Crosby Drive corridor. The owner for many years has been the Drucker family, doing business as The Atlantic Interests Limited Partnership, based in Needham.

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  1. I can’t believe that Home Goods has closed in Bedford! I am totally shocked. Is TJ’s closing also? The Bedford store was so beautiful. Will miss you! :(

  2. You will never see me shopping in Waltham! My self and three sisters loved shopping in the Bedford area every month. Not only was the drive convenient other great stores were in the vicinity! Just goes to show how out of touch management can be!

  3. You will lose many old customers, no highways, no parking, Twelve ladies who met and shopped “Tuesday Ladies” every Tuesday. First you closed tewksbury (good parking, no highways) I guess the ladies will be looking into new place to shop. Farewell homegoods….

  4. I can’t believe executives get paid big money to make bad decisions like this. Please bring the store back to the central convenient location in Bedford. I live in Lexington and would rather drive further to avoid that Waltham location. You’ve lost my business and I’m sure thousands of others from this area. Do the numbers and fire the person who made this decision.

  5. Just absolutely shocked today to go all the way to Bedford from Tewksbury to Home Goods & found it closed! That was my favorite location especially since I always stopped at TJ’s & Marshall’s too. That Waltham location is horrible to get into from the highway & so much further for me so I won’t be going.🤪

  6. I wrote to TJMaxx to ask why they are doing this. Of course, all I got was corporate speak. “Our HomeGoods store located at 309 Great Road in Bedford, Massachusetts closed on January 14, 2021 and relocated to 130 Market Place Drive in Waltham, Massachusetts. We are grateful for your patronage and believe you will continue to find great values at our new store and our nearby stores.” I told them there was no point in going all the way to Waltham for an inferior shopping experience.

  7. This is a big mistake! The shopping center in Waltham is so inconvenient. Get off the highway, oops not on this exit, loop around, drive a mile, nope still not there, circle through this neighborhood. Oh I think I see it over there. Was this a landfill?

  8. This move is ridiculous. I agree with another respondent that Market Place Drive in Waltham is awful to get in and out of. The Marshall’s in that plaza does not have nice things and I fear the new Home Goods location will have similar items. It’s sad, Bedford was a great location.

  9. This is terrible news and I hope it doesn’t actually happen! Why move a successful store? That makes no sense! The company will be making a big mistake. Customers won’t go to Waltham instead. What are they thinking? They clearly don’t value the actual store and it’s customers if they’re only looking at it from a real estate point of view. Can we start a petition to keep the store where it is?!

    • Agree, customers here won’t go to Waltham. That plaza is hard to get in out if, not easily accessible. The Marshalls tgere does not have good merchandise. Perhaps they are looking for a different clientele.

  10. Home Goods needs to reassess this proposed move especially during COVID when no one wants to go to a large shopping complex! Those who have faithful patrons of the store will see how this move is detached from the customer base that have made the store successful as well as the communities themselves that made it possible. This move appears short-sighted and ill advised – the corporation needs to reassess the needs of the general public who regularly patronized such as the Bedford, Concord, Carlisle, Burlington and Lexington communities. People are not going to automatically flock to a highly inaccessible shopping complex in Waltham just because they are putting one there. Such a move is likely backfire on the retailer, ultimately ending in it closing all its doors for good.

  11. I love all 3 stores. Especially Home Goods. I have made many purchases there.
    I hope it’s just a rumor. I will miss this great store. I like that the three stores are in a cluster of near proximity. Please don’t close.

  12. I only lived in Bedford for a short time. Home goods and the shopping center it is in was actually a source of comfort for me. I am really sad to hear that it’s closing. Great little shopping center over all. Hoping a new store will move in drawing the same fantastic people! Sad to see you go!

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