11 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Litter, and the Sale of Nips

  1. Liam,

    Excellent observation.

    I live on North Road and. I used to get a regular collection of nips, thrown out of cars. I figured I lived just about the time it took to drink a nio , north of a local liquor store. And most of them were vodka, presumably because it leaves little odor on the driver’s breath.

    I never saw Julia Childs in the store buying the nips for cooking. Perhaps if they are useful in cooking we could authorize grocery stores to carry them.

  2. I find all litter frustrating. I don’t think you should outlaw nips for a few reasons- 1 it is micromanaging people’s freedom. 2 – I buy nips fir a very few cooking items and do not want to have to buy a big bottle to go to waste or worse yet be tempted to drink for no reason than it is left over.

  3. Everyday I walk my dog past the new enclosed bus stop on Loomis Street. People leave their
    trash inside and outside. It’s disgusting that anyone would do this. And what’s even worse
    are the people who throw trash out the windows of their vehicles. Just don’t know what
    these people are thinking.

  4. I walk a 1.5 mile loop every day. Every day I pick up 1 grocery bag full of trash. I have picked up quite a few nips and beer cans going to the Middle school. I hope it is not a student dreading going to school? . Sadly I found them on the other side of the road and thought I hope it is not a teacher coming back from work? Either way, someone has a drinking problem and doesn’t want to get caught. Now the sweet people that leave their bagged dog poop on the ground might be to blame too? Let me know so I don’t have to pick up so much trash.

  5. Tax each nip 5.00 and if you actually get the tax, use it for the elderly who can no longer afford to live in the town they built.

  6. I believe Lexington just did this. Living on North Rd, close to Northside I see first hand the litter from nips and lottery tickets. Very frustrating!

    • Hi Liam and Laura, I too live near the Northside and often walk on North Road. Thanksgiving day I did a walk. I came across a dozen various empty alcohol containers, plastic water bottles, numerous discarded lottery tickets, turkey gizzards, discarded facemasks, Dunkin containers, Bedford Farms napkins, spoon wrapers, ice cream dishes and candy wrappers. It never ceases to amaze me the number of empty alcohol containers on North Road, not to mention a ton of cigarette butts. It is indeed very frustrating and sadly there is NO one in town who is responsible to address problem. The litter is unsightly, unhealthy, and disrespectful. As far as I am aware businesses are not required to pick up the trash which comes from their places of business. In addition, there is no in the town management who is responsible for litter per the Town Manager.

  7. We should enforce no littering and consider posting signs in different places about littering and fines for littering. There is a lot of littering in town.

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