10 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Who Can Stand the Racket Anymore?

  1. I so agree!! I always have quite a few inches of leaves (from maples) on my lawn. All I do is mow over it and leave the mulched leaves where they land for next year’s fertilizer . This does not work for oak leaves, though.
    The drive way I clear after a rain by pushing the leaves with a snow shovel into a heap and into bags- actually in my case into a wheel barrow and into the woods behind me.
    Very gratifying exercises and no gym fees required:)

  2. I totally agree! It’s noise pollution that gets stored in our bodies as toxic stress. We don’t need more toxic stress in our bodies!! I worry about the animals too who have to absorb the noise. It’s destructive and traumatic to our bodies and it’s not necessary. Thanks, Madeleine, I meant to write this letter, but glad you did!

    • Landscaping businesses make a fortune. I too cannot stand the deafening sound of gas powered leaf blowers.!
      Bedford should put a BAN on ALL gas powered leaf blowers, and have them be battery powered.

    • except when you’re a disabled resident, live below the poverty line, unable to have a job to assist with one’s SSDI check, can’t afford a service nor physically can rake your yard.

  3. I agree. Why remove the leaves that turn into soil. I understand wanting to keep pathways and lawns clear , but no need to remove the leaves from under all the shrubs too.

  4. Great letter to the editor! Leaves should be left for the benefit of the environment. Bird also benefit from leaf litter. Noise and gas pollution are detrimental to the health and well-being of the planet and all living creatures.

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