2 thoughts on “Lois Pulliam will be Honored as a ‘Formidable Woman’ by the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts

  1. Lois is also a kind, caring, warm and friendly person with a great sense of humor to boot. That goes a long way regardless of the topic. She always greets you with a smile and truly engages. She was a loyal patron of the Rt 62 bus for years (which takes serious commitment and endurance in and of itself) on her many lobbying and advocacy trips into Boston. Although maybe not completely on topic but she is a great poet too!

    Congratulations Lois – so well deserved!

  2. Lois indeed an amazing woman! I have been in AAUW with her for almost 50 years and she was equally engaged in our branch as she has been with the League. I’ve been in awe of her for years (-:

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