An Obituary: Ann Fuellhart Seamans

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Ann Fuellhart Seamans passed away on January 12, 2021. A member of the Historic Preservation Commission, Ms. Seamans was a 15-year volunteer at Bedford TV where she worked on a video to commemorate her daughter Heather’s short life, won multiple annual awards, and co-hosted the station’s weekly news program.  She was also involved in the movement to keep millions of tons of dirt excavated during the Big Dig from being dumped on Massport land bordering Bedford, and later protested the big rigs that drove through town when Massport repaved Runway 11-29.

Bedford TV will host a tribute to Ms. Seamans during a special edition of the Bedford TV News at 5 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Please visit to participate.

A celebration of Ms. Seamans’ life will be delayed until it is safe to gather, covid-19 free.

Click this link to read Ms. Seamans’ full announcement

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