Become a Candidate for Planning Board and Help to Define Bedford’s Built Environment

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If you have ideas or concerns about key issues such as multi-unit housing, accessory dwelling units, commercial, industrial, and residential development, zoning bylaws, even changes to scenic roads-to mention only a few-please consider standing for election to the Planning Board, one of Bedford’s most influential elected bodies.

Current Planning Board member Jeff Cohen is not running again and there are, at this moment, no candidates who have come forward to request nomination papers. Whether you are a long-time resident or a relative newcomer to town, this may be the moment to step up and help shape the future look of Bedford. This is a three-year term. You will join elected members Jacinda Barbehenn, Steven Hagan, Shawn Hanegan, and Amy Lloyd. Professional staff includes Tony Fields, Director, Catherine Perry, Assistant Director, and Admin Cathy Silvestrone who provide support and guidance.

Under Governor Baker’s pandemic rules, all Planning Board meetings are conducted via Zoom and are available on YouTube. If you are not familiar with the workings of the Board, you can review recent meetings to get a sense of the varied issues that come before it. With Annual Town Meeting now set for May, the Planning Board is working on articles for the warrant.  Auxiliary Dwelling Units is one of those articles set for the 2021 ATM.

To take out nomination papers, which require only 10 signatures, please contact Bridget Rodrigue, Town Clerk:

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