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“Oh, so that’s how you do it!” Or “I never knew that!”  We’ve all had those moments, needing to do an everyday task where you have to stop and think about it or you know deep down there has to be a better way. You could always do a google search, but it’s not really critical so you don’t bother.

Introducing “Ask Aunt Laura.” Laura Bullock is that ‘wicked smaht’ aunt we all wish we had.  The aunt who knows those tricks and tips and nuggets of information that are useful no matter what your age.  She’s got the best trick for putting on a duvet cover – in less than 2 minutes! A tip on how to determine, while you are sitting in your car, which side the gas tank is on.  That one will give you a head smack and leave you asking how that answer could have been right in front of you all along!  And we all assume our kids know how to address an envelope and where to put the stamp.  Hate to tell you, but they don’t.

Laura has come up with a casual fun way to bring that information to the masses and her videos can be seen on Instagram and YouTube.  If you have questions you want answered, leave a comment on her social media, on this page, or feel free to email her.  She doesn’t claim to know it all or to hold the key on the only way something can be accomplished.  What she does do is keep it creative and lighthearted while passing on tidbits that will hopefully make you happy that you learned something new. 

Today, Laura explains the best way to put a duvet cover on comforter.

Instagram: Ask Aunt Laura  

YouTube:  Ask Aunt Laura  




About Laura Bullock

Laura Bullock a member of the Board of Directors of The Bedford Citizen   She is a long-time resident of Bedford with interests …>more<



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