Community Voices @ The Bedford Citizen:  President Biden’s Action on Diversity and Inclusion Training

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A few months ago we wrote a Community Voices @ The Bedford Citizen article decrying the decision by the Trump Administration to bar diversity and inclusion training at federal workplaces and to also prohibit such training at the workplaces of all federal agencies and contractors.  Happily, in our opinion, this Executive Order was revoked on President Biden’s first day in office.  Biden’s revocation included the recently issued report of the former president’s “1776 Commission” promoting what has been dubbed “patriotic education.”

It is perhaps worth noting that the goals of diversity and inclusion training are not to persuade or enforce a point of view but to raise awareness of how differently people may understand and react to social norms reflective of the so-called dominant white culture rather than a broader, more inclusive perspective.

We applaud President Biden’s prompt action on this issue.

Editor’s Note: Both Pillai and Spencer serve on the Board of Directors of The Bedford Citizen but are speaking as individuals, not on behalf of the Board or The Bedford Citizen.

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