CSF Trivia Night Set for February 6 ~ Is Your 2021 Team Ready?

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The Covid-19 pandemic may be dominating everyday life, but it isn’t going to stop the annual trivia night, sponsored by CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars.

The virtual event is scheduled for Saturday night, Feb. 6. The Zoom meeting will begin at 7, the contest will start at 7:30 for about an hour, and Zoom will continue live for another 30 minutes or so for conversation.

The donation is $25 per player. Registration is available at https://bedfordma.dollarsforscholars.org.

Click this link to view, download, or print the event flyer

Although the platform is virtual, the format is familiar: up to 15 teams of six to ten competitors each will submit answers to 10 questions plus one or two bonus questions.

The key to the process is the Zoom feature of breakout rooms. Stump! Trivia, the professional operator of the contest, will pre-arrange a separate screen for each team, so after questions players will be able to confer as if they were seated around a table at a live contest.

A team representative will have a special electronic address used to submit the answer. After each question, the competitors will be returned to the main “room” for the correct answer and the next question.

Teams will have the option of prioritizing their answers, so they can amass additional points as a reward for certainty.

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