3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Comments on Seeing Bedford Flags in the Crowd at the US Capitol

  1. Here in Bedford we usually think of the Bedford Flag as a local thing, but it’s known to flag buffs everywhere who have an interest in early American flag history. Some people have jumped to the conclusion that the Bedford Flag at the riot must have been brought by some (reprehensible) person from Bedford. There’s no reason to assume that.

  2. I did not see any images of the Bedford flag at the shameful attack on the Capitol last week, but I was deeply saddened to hear of it. However, I would like to correct some of the information given in this letter. The Bedford flag was NOT created for the Revolutionary War; to the best of our knowledge, it was made in the early part of the 18th century. While it has been widely believed that the flag was carried at the battle of Concord, there is no actual proof of this. For more information, use this link: https://www.bedfordlibrary.net/about/bedford-flag

    None of this, of course, mitigates what I consider to be the desecration of our flag, the oldest in the country. But please, let’s stay with the facts.

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