One thought on “Rep. Sheila Harrington Calls on HFAC and Massport to Take Stronger Action on Flight School Issues

  1. Thank you Jennifer Boles for the best article I’ve read on this airplane noise harassment subject to date. State Rep. Sheila Harrington is one of a very few people locally or nationally who have looked into this type of issue, and consistently worked to help. What many of us find more than frustrating, and more than wrong, is that good people like Rep. Harrington find themselves wasting their time on this issue, because so many other supposedly good people are either failing to do their jobs, or actually working against the best interests of the citizens who are the residents being abused by these flying bullies!

    This has gone on continuously over Ayer and Groton for some 20 years, and Rep. Harrington has been working to address it for some 5 years, and nothing has changed. Massport couldn’t care less. The FAA certainly couldn’t care less. These are all intelligent people, and they do or fail to do things for a reason. They have no valid excuses, and they have no mercy.

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