Snow + Sculpture = Winter Fun in 2021

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Courtesy image (c) 2021 all rights reserved

A penguin turned up in Bedford last night!

Fresh snow fell yesterday, with flurries today, and a possible 8 to 10 inches predicted for next week, the first week of February.  It’s a perfect time to build snow creatures, sculptures, or forts, and the Bedford Recreation Department is holding a Snow Sculpture Contest to celebrate 2021 and honor your efforts.

To participate, email a photograph of your creation to Recreation Director Amy Hamilton ( in time to be judged on March 22.

A panel of judges will select winners based on originality and overall appearance.

Ages and number of participants will be considered as well. Submit your entry with family, friends, or as a neighborhood! Upon entering, please state the ages and number of participants who brought your creation into being.

Courtesy image (c) 2021 all rights reserved

A great snowman is always a collaborative adventure!


“We hope that you will brave the elements and enjoy some time outdoors,” said Hamilton, “while you are creating your own unique snow sculpture!”

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