Bedford Real Estate Transfers through February 12, 2021

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Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

7 Caesar Jones Way, a 7 room Colonial on 0.30 acres, built in 2005:
Sold by Hsini Liao and Chia Chang on 12/24/20 to Laxmi Nallapati and Anupama Amrutaluri for $815,000.

12 Wayte Road, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.20 acres, built in 1956:
Sold by Wayte Heritage RT and Patrick McMahon on 12/30/20 to Bright Inv Prop LLC for $366,500.

5 William Street, a 6 room Gambrel on 0.74 acres, built in 1963:
Sold by Dale and Judith Watkins on 12/31/20 to Yale Chang and Ying Mu for $610,000.

1 Pine Knoll Road, a 6 room Conventional on 0.17 acres, built in 1944:
Sold by Karen Levine on 12/31/20 to G Gardner Contracting LLC for $485,000.

2 Hunt Road, a 6 room Colonial on 0.14 acres, built in 2013:
Sold by Eric and Suzanne Dahlberg on 01/04/21 to Gregory Mara for $1,025,000.

14 Lewis Road #27, a 5 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 2020:
Sold by Pine Hill Crossing LLC on 01/11/21 to Laura Smith for $629,900.

256 South Road #256, a 4 room Condominium/Duplex, built in 1953:
Sold by Daniel and Sara Cardona on 01/12/21 to Suzanne Phyllis and Laura Phylis for $329,000.

157 North Road, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.46 acres, built in 1950:
Sold by Akram Ahmadi on 01/13/21 to Olivia Choudhury and Ankush Chakrabarty for $720,000.

4 Independence Road, a 7 room Garrison on 0.40 acres, built in 1981:
Sold by 4 Independence LLC on 01/21/21 to Scott and Bichngoc McCulley for $868,000.

187 South Road, a 9 room Mixed-use/Gambrel on 0.53 acres, built in 1900:
Sold by Lawrence and Nancy Macneill on 01/25/21 to Deborah Sunter for $750,000.

138 Page Road, an 8 room Cape Cod on 0.46 acres, built in 1952:
Sold by John and Mark Isnor on 01/28/21 to Carlos Rodriguez-Ramirez and Jasmin Hofstetter for $645,900.

14 Revolutionary Ridge Road, a 7 room Garrison on 0.84 acres, built in 1987:
Sold by Carl and Judith Wilson on 01/28/21 to Yisheng Wu and Xiaochen Sun for $1,125,000.

22 Concord Road, an 11 room Duplex/Family Flat on 1.50 acres, built in 1911:
Sold by Cretella Mary C Est and Margaret Hoag on 01/28/21 to David and Barbara Lavine for $850,000.

5 Pickman Drive #5, a 5 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 1989:
Sold by Mary Caitlin-Buxton on 01/29/21 to William McDevitt for $591,000.

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One thought on “Bedford Real Estate Transfers through February 12, 2021

  1. Like this feature! And the headline, welcoming people to Town and bidding the sellers goodbye. A nice touch. The mention of the style of home is also appealing. Curious though: would most buyers want to know number of bedrooms and square footage? Just a room count doesn’t say much. Hope to see this as ongoing column!

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