Breaking News: School Committee Votes Unanimously to Approve a Plan for Four-Days-a-Week Learning for Davis School in Mid-March

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The School Committee Tuesday night voted unanimously to approve plans to restore four-day-a-week learning in Davis School, effective around mid-March.

Superintendent of Schools Philip Conrad said the cost will be around $69,000 for two new teachers plus a special educator for the remainder of the year. The motion also included language reiterating the safety protocols in the schools.

Davis School Principal Beth Benoit said every first and second grade would be in an actual classroom, as tables will be switched for individual desks and chairs. The model for the transition will be the successful return of kindergarten last week, she said.

Although plans call for eliminating the hybrid option, committee Chair Dan Brosgol said he wants to see the retention of that option investigated.

Click this link to read the updated details of the plan.

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