Dennis J. Ahern: Candidate for Library Trustee

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Drnnis J. Ahern, candidate for Library Trustee

I grew up in Arlington, Mass. and was a frequent visitor to the Robbins Library. My first foray into civic life was at the age of ten when I addressed the Board of Selectmen in support of increased funding for the Library. I’ve been an advocate for Libraries ever since.

My wife and I came to live in Bedford in 1974 and lived here until 1977 when we moved to Acton, where I was first elected as a trustee of the Acton Memorial Library in 1982. I served until we returned to Bedford in 2017 where I was elected a trustee of the Bedford Free Public Library in 2018.

After a career as a technical writer for Raytheon, RCA, and Digital, I found myself on the lecture circuit, speaking on various historical and genealogical subjects. See for a partial list.

I now stand for re-election as a trustee of the Bedford Free Public Library where I hope to draw on my experience to help the Library staff provide the services needed by our community.

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