Kim Lovy: Candidate for Bedford Housing Authority

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Kim Lovy, candidate for the Bedford Housing Authority

Greetings! My family and I have been residents of Bedford since August 2006. We have benefited greatly in our 15+ years here. We have three children who entered Davis School as kindergarteners. Two graduated in 2020, and the third is in the BHS class of 2024! The Bedford Public Schools is a wonderful place for children to grow.

We enjoy the town’s resources (library, recreational programs, Springs Brook Park, trails). I love the character and traditions of Bedford. I know that the strength of Bedford lies in its citizens, and that building a great community requires involvement. I am eager to start giving back, in deeds, to my town.

I have chosen to become involved with the Bedford Housing Authority as its purpose aligns with one of my beliefs: housing is a right, and it is incumbent upon a community to help provide it. I have strong feelings about affordable homeownership. To that end, I (personally) would like to get to know the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust and the Housing Partnership.

I look forward to being a part of the Bedford Housing Authority.

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