Letter to the Editor: Supporting Fahad Alden for Library Trustee

I am writing this letter in support of Fahad Alden for Bedford Free Public Library trustee. Fahad is a Senior at Bedford High School.

Fahad is a student that stands out among his peers for his maturity, tenacity, optimism and desire to make a difference. I have known Fahad for the past four years and can speak to his maturity and tenacity. Fahad created a student-led book club at the high school and encouraged all students to join. He is a welcoming and open-minded young man, eager to hear the concerns of those around him.

Fahad also self-published a book entitled Teens Guide to Level Up, with the aspiration to help support and mentor younger students who may struggle. Fahad has also been a frequent visitor to the high school library and obviously cares deeply about literacy and the sharing of knowledge. He’s enthusiastic about the roles that a library plays in a community.

Fahad is an empathic and optimistic person, attributes that will serve him well as a library trustee. And most importantly, Fahad wants to make a difference in his community. In addition to leadership roles at the high school such as peer leadership program and principal’s advisory, Fahad has worked with the Rotary Club and Bedford TV on the  BRIC2 Team Writing and Video Production  program.  His help, especially on developing a diversity video is much appreciated.

Fahad is an active community member and through his desire to serve as a library trustee, he is looking for ways to support existing library programs as well as innovate new ones.

I speak as an adult who knows Fahad as a fine young man, not as a public school employee, and I highly recommend Fahad for this position.


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