Letter to the Editor: Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

In a few weeks, Bedford will vote for our new town officers, including members of the Select Board. I hope you will join us in voting for Margot Fleischman, and returning her for another term.

Many of you know that after 20 years of advocacy we finally have a safe pedestrian travel-way with the Davis Road Boardwalk. The process of approval included meeting with a number of town committees, boards, and residents. And throughout it all, Margot was by our side and speaking in favor of the construction. Her advice, her guidance, and her support helped us achieve that boardwalk today. She carefully weighed impacts to the town, to finances, and to our residents and celebrated our success alongside us at Town Meeting that night.

Serving on the Select Board requires balancing many views and issues. Margot has the experience, the common sense, and the drive to continue to serve and ensure a better tomorrow for Bedford.

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