Letter to the Editor Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

I am supporting the candidacy of Margot Fleischman for Bedford’s Select Board.  I’ve been attending Select Board meetings for many years, which has given me a good opportunity to see Margot at work and follow her accomplishments.

I find that she is a very hard worker with a goal of maintaining and improving the services and quality of life that we enjoy in Bedford.  She goes out of her way to include all opinions and data as part of her decision process.

I expect the elected members of the Select Board to provide guidance and direction, to work well together, and to take action where needed.  Margot does a great job at these, and has my respect for what I know can be a very challenging job.  I respect her opinion and appreciate our interactions and discussions.

I will be voting for her at the upcoming Town election, and ask that you vote and consider supporting Margot.

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