Letter to the Editor: Supporting Maureen Richichi for Board of Health

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I strongly endorse Maureen Richichi as a candidate for the Board of Health.  I have known Maureen for over 20 years and worked with her back in the late nineties when I was the Selectman liaison to the Bedford Youth & Family Committee.  She is the perfect candidate to serve on our Board of Health with her 40+ years of experience as a public health nurse with a Master’s Degree in Maternal-Child Health Nursing.

In addition to her excellent background in the health field, Maureen is an ambitious person who has initiated a number of programs that have benefited our town including creating the Safe Homes Program for parents and a Drug and Alcohol Youth Diversion program with the Bedford Police Department when she was Bedford’s Prevention Coordinator for Youth and Family Services.

She also was an organizer of the Middlesex Regional Tick Task Force which was an effort by local communities including Bedford to combat tick-borne diseases.

Back when she was a new parent, she co-chaired the Bedford Community Playground.

Maureen is also a person of high integrity who works well with others and would be a great asset to the Bedford Board of Health.  Please join me on March 13 by voting for Maureen Richichi for one of the two positions on the Board of Health.

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