New Poll – Massachusetts Vaccine Rollout

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The Covid-19 vaccine rollout is moving along.  As of February 12, 11.3% of Massachusetts residents received their first shot, and 3.7% of Massachusetts residents are fully vaccinated.   

The plan often seems like it’s evolving on the fly. Just this week they added “companions” to the eligible list, while also redirecting supplies from hospitals to mass vaccine centers in an attempt to speed up the pace.

This week’s snap poll question is How satisfied are you with how the process of coronavirus/COVID-19 vaccination in Massachusetts is going?

Take the Poll before it closes at noon on Saturday, Feb. 20.

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One thought on “New Poll – Massachusetts Vaccine Rollout

  1. Why limit vaccine options for seniors over 70 who are possibly on oxygen or have difficulty with walking long distance to massive vaccination sites? Save the massive vaccination sites for the masses once the vaccine flows freely. Allow seniors to get vaccinated where they feel most comfortable which is often their doctor, local walk in or possibly their pharmacist.

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