New Poll – Vaccine Preference – What is Most Important to You?

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The other day as I was researching vaccine appointments from the state website I noticed a little parenthetical statement.  It said Fenway Park was administering the Pfizer vaccine while Gillette Stadium was administering the Moderna vaccine. 

There is also news that the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine (and possibly the AstraZeneca vaccine) will be available “soon.” Both are seeking emergency approval from the FDA.   

I think for the time being people are just going to take whatever they can get, but I can imagine, hopefully, in the not too distant future, you may be offered a choice.   I understand there are many extenuating factors that must be weighed. 

Example: Hypothetically if the Moderna vaccine is available in Bedford and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is available at Gillette, and that is the one you prefer, would you go to Gillette? 

Keep in mind that some logistics are relevant, one vs two doses. Is one shot at Gillette better than two shots in Bedford?

We’re just curious as to what is the most important for you. All things being equal which is most important to you—What’s Bedford Thinking?

Take the Poll before it closes at noon on Saturday, Feb. 13.

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