Letter to the Editor: Supporting Alison O’Connell for Board of Health

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I would like to endorse Alison O’Connell for the Board of Health. Though a newcomer to Bedford, Alison is not new to matters of health.  As a scientist myself, Alison and I often discuss health policy especially during these trying times of COVID.  I find her perspective always to be thoughtful and informed by data.  Her years in consulting honed her problem-solving skills while her long experience in health care compliance and strategy have prepared her to engage, learn, and act on health policy.

I’ve known Alison since high school – she has always been that friend that is a good listener. She goes beyond the sympathetic ear, to being the cheerleader everyone wants in their corner.  We chose her as godmother to my daughter not just because she is a great mom to her son but because she is such a warm, caring person.  She brings energy into any room, can navigate any situation, and find common ground with a variety of points of view.

Putting it together – I can think of no one better to advocate on health matters on behalf of Bedford residents than Alison. Her patience, problem-solving, and collaborative spirit will serve the town well.

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