Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

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Why do I think Chris Gittins is the best candidate for Planning Board?

Chris has deep roots in Bedford, with a connection that spans generations. He lives in the house he used to visit when his grandparents lived there. He watched as the charming suburban town changed over time because it’s close to major roads, the Commonwealth’s cultural center, lots of jobs – and is charming. He saw how it’s the things that make Bedford such an appealing town that also bring the development pressures that threaten to take away from that appeal. Chris wants to use his long familiarity with Bedford and his passion for finding solutions to help bring Bedford new, but proven, practices that are already working for other towns.

An important part of Chris’s vision is to welcome a diversity of residents into a diversity of housing while keeping our beautiful tree-lined streets safe for walking and bicycling, and to keep what open space we have. Also, to encourage a vibrant, attractive commercial and retail business community that generates tax revenue and caters to residents, because Bedford’s zoning has the right size and kind of spaces for local stores. As well as to see re-development of underused commercial space and climate resiliency built into all new development.

Chris has many years of service on Bedford committees inside and out of town government. He’s smart, energetic, and a very strong believer in open, responsive government. Not to mention, he’s a great husband and dad.

These are some of the reasons I’m going to vote for Chris and why I think it’s important to ask you, too, to

Please, vote for Chris Gittins for Planning Board!

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