Letter to the Editor: Supporting Fahad Alden for Library Trustee

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I am writing this letter to show my enthusiastic support of Fahad Alden for Library Trustee.

I have known Fahad for the past three years and am consistently impressed by his maturity, his dedication, and his desire to help others.  As a high school senior, Fahad is wise beyond his years and willing engages on issues that might seem trivial to others his age.  His commitment to helping others and sharing his life experiences led him to write and publish a book of advice targeted toward other teenagers that offers advice on how to “level up” and overcome many of the challenges that young people face.  Having someone with Fahad’s passion and experience as a library trustee would only serve to make the institution more welcoming and accessible to all Bedford citizens.

As someone who was lucky enough to have Fahad as a student, I can attest to his collaborative nature, his open-mindedness, and his willingness to seek compromise.  Fahad often collaboratively with a diverse group of classmates, and always found ways to connect with others, even those with whom he appeared to have little in common.  Within small groups, Fahad would emerge as a leader, keeping the group on task, and posing questions to his peers to help them stay engaged.  Fahad seemed to relish the opportunity to work with peers who were as academically engaged as he was, and he formed close relationships with peers in the class where their collaboration would clearly elevate the quality of their work and understanding.

Libraries are part of the bedrock of every community, and they serve increasingly diverse roles and populations.  Fahad’s service as a library trustee would help to bring new experiences and perspectives to the institution.  Fahad’s responsible nature and affinity for advocacy would make him a strong choice for this important role.

Editor’s Note: Ms. Goetschius is a teacher at Bedford High School, but speaking for herself.

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