Letter to the Editor: Supporting Margot Fleischman for Select Board

I support re-electing Margot Fleischman as Bedford Select Person. Through her terms on the Planning Board and Select Board she has mastered the design and financial processes necessary to make long-term improvements. She has demonstrated her concern for the quality of the lives of our townfolk through basic things like creating better sidewalks around the town. She worked to attract businesses to Bedford to improve the tax base and lower our real estate taxes.

My husband Brian and I both lived our early childhoods in small towns in Texas. When we moved here 30 years ago we did plenty of research and chose Bedford as the perfect place for our children to grow up. Margot is the type of person I was hoping to meet here when I unpacked my tea kettle. She has the agile mind, strong work ethic, and warm heart needed to help guide the town through changes we will be making in the next few years.

Vote for financially responsible progress. Vote for Margot.

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