New Poll – How Long Until We’re Back to Normal?

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We asked this question a while ago and thought we would revisit it again.  Things certainly are looking brighter as it relates to the pandemic.  March 11, 2020, is when the lockdowns began, and things are just now starting to return to normal.  “Normal” is, as we noted before, subjective.   But what is Bedford thinking as to how long it will take to get back to 2019 level of normal?

The Majority of Americans think it will be at least a year.  What does Bedford think?
A majority of Americans expect it will be at least a year before life returns to the way it was before COVID-19 
Pew Research Center – March 11, 2021

Ready to be counted? Vote in the poll until noon next Saturday. You’ll find the poll in the right-hand column on The Citizen’s main page, or by scrolling to the bottom of your phone or tablet


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