Real Estate Transfers ~ February, 2021

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Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

Sale dates range from early February, 2021 through the end of that month.

46 Hillside Avenue, an 8 room Old Style on 0.10 acres, built in 1924:
Sold by Mary E Brady 2015 RET and Stephen Brady on 02/03/21 to CB Hillside RT and Catherine Marcus for $600,000.

9 Hemlock Lane, an 8 room Cape Cod on 1.29 acres, built in 1953:
Sold by Hemlock LT and Jacob Dionne on 2/12/2021 to Adam and Iona Ribaudo for $835,000.

48 Wildwood Drive, an 8 room Garrison on 0.92 acres, built in 1966:
Sold by D B Bruck RET 2007 and Joan Bruck on 02/17/21 to Hemlock LT and Jacob Dionne for $1,067,500.

53 Burlington Road, a 6 room Ranch on 0.90 acres, built in 1955:
Sold by Gregory Mara on 02/17/21 to Jarod and McKenzie Kramer for $650,000.

28 Summer Street, a 6 room Ranch on 0.34 acres, built in 1958:
Sold by Anthony Umanita on 02/18/21 to John Chan-Tse for $537,000.

75 Page Road #23, a 4 room Condominium/Apartment, built in 1957:
Sold by Linda Morrissey on 02/19/21 to Patrick and Juan Morrissey for $457,000.

71 Hancock Street, a 6 room Colonial on 0.37 acres, built in 1925:
Sold by Paul and Pauline Dolan on 02/23/21 to Coulter and Elizabeth Bailey for $700,000.

61 South Road, a 10 room Old Style on 0.41 acres, built in 1901:
Sold by Barberry Renovations LLC on 02/23/21 to Erin and James Quinlan for $2,100,000.

375 Concord Road, a 13 room Two-family Old Style on 0.69 acres, built in 1860:
Sold by Mcgrath Robert D Est and Jean McGrath on 02/23/21 to AM Concord Road LLC for $650,000.

3 Isabella Lane, a 9 room Colonial on 0.92 acres, built in 2018:
Sold by Onivoi LLC on 02/23/21 to Marcel and Young Blom for $1,950,000.

17 Brooksbie Road, a 9 room Colonial on 0.60 acres, built in 2020:
Sold by Ajax Dev LLC on 02/24/21 to Tadros Tadros for $1,635,000.

277 Carlisle Road, an 8 room Split Level on 3.90 acres, built in 1961:
Sold by Clethra LLC on 02/25/21 to Reagan and Reese Mozer for $705,400.

91 Hancock Street, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.47 acres, built in 1950:
Sold by Paul Ricotta on 02/25/21 to Quincey Justman and Declan Buckley for $770,000.

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