Recycling Know No’s ~ Minnie Mouse doesn’t compost.

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Contents of a bag deposited in the compost heap, full of non-compostable detritus

Minnie Mouse doesn’t compost. The same goes for barbell weights, plastic bags, cups and utensils, snack wrappers, and broken hockey sticks. Concrete blocks don’t break down in a compost pile either.

Minnie & Co. are a sample of items pulled from the Town’s compost pile last week.

“Every year, I pull a variety of non-compostable items from the pile,” said Ed McGrath, Bedford’s Recycling Coordinator. “Anything made of plastic, including flower pots and trays, should go in the trash.”

The DPW sent residents a flyer with the Compost Center schedule for April, May, and June. The schedule is also available on the DPW website ( 

Acceptable yard waste consists of leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, garden trimmings, and tree material up to one inch (1”) in diameter. Residents can also bring tree branches and tree trunks. 

The DPW also has finished compost available for residents to take and cardboard drop-off is available when the Compost Center is open.




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