Reflections in the Time of Pandemic: Emily Doucette

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Oh, it’s been a year. A year of change, pain, growth, speaking up, and most of all, wearing a mask. At this point, I cannot recollect what it was like to attend a concert, eat out, go to a high school football game, or even go to school.

As a freshman, this year has been a roller coaster experience. Not only has Covid-19 disrupted my social life by forcing me to stay home, but it has created new challenges in school. Transitioning from eighth grade into high school is usually a topic of discussion that excites middle schoolers. For the class of 2024 and me, this usual level of anticipation was altered by Covid-19.

We Hanscom Middle School students were presented with a particularly hard transition. The parents of some of my peers received last-minute orders to move across the country.  Those of us who remained on Hanscom AFB were split between Shawsheen Tech, Lincoln Sudbury High School, and Bedford High School.  Through this division of students, there are only about 20 students that previously attended Hanscom Middle School who went to BHS. On the surface, this may not seem significant. But with the constraints of meeting new people, this transition has been difficult.

So as I began my high school experience at Bedford High I was forced to branch out further in our community. I was lucky enough to already have some friends and an older sibling at the high school; however, many were not so lucky.  Despite those advantages I still have struggled with my academic transition. Thankfully, many of the High School faculty understand the difficulty this year presents and have supported me along the way. The Bedford High School community has embraced me, and for that, I am grateful. March 12, 2020 changed so much, but a year later, I am not nearly as worried about the months ahead as I was last year. As we continue through the school year we have grown together even while staying apart.

Editor’s Note: Emily Doucette is a member of the BHS Class of 2024

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