Reflections in the Time of Pandemic: Will Froehlich

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Last year I was in first grade at Davis School. One day when my mom picked me up from Kids Club she said bye, see you in two weeks to one of the staff members.

In the car, I asked why she said that. She explained that a new illness was spreading so we are going to wait two weeks to be safe. But then we had to add an extra week.

We started all remote school until we could go back. And then in May my parents finally said that I wasn’t going to be able to go back to school at all for the rest of the year. I only got to see my teacher once a week on Zoom and I had to do work on Seesaw which felt stressful for me. I missed my friends.

After school ended my parents introduced something new that we had to wear, masks!  When school started up again in second grade I was going hybrid. I liked my in-person days better but most of the time I was remote. The teachers did a good job of making it a fun year even though we had to wear masks and play differently.

Over the course of the year, things got better. I got more used to Zoom and learning virtually. Recently more friends joined my class going in four days a week.

And then in March, the teachers decided that they wanted everyone to go in four days a week.

I am feeling very excited and happy that I will get to see my friends more.  Now I’m waiting until we can get rid of these masks!

Editor’s Note: Will Froelich is in second grade at Davis School


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2 thoughts on “Reflections in the Time of Pandemic: Will Froehlich

  1. How nice to hear from a new, thoughtful young community member! I hope Will F. will continue to use his voice and share his reflections in the future.

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