An Introduction to Lacrosse for Little Lax’ers

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Bedford Youth Lacrosse / Scoops Lacrosse offer a vacation week introduction to lacrosse for the youngest athletes.

  • Who: Boys and girls in kindergarten and 1st grade
  • What: No equipment needed, sticks will be provided. Mask is required 
  • When: Friday, April 23, 1-2 pm— During vacation week
  • Where: on the turf at Sabourin Field 
  • Why: Because lacrosse is fun! 

Spots are limited, so register today!
Fee? A $10 donation to Bedford Youth Lacrosse
Register here,


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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Lacrosse for Little Lax’ers

  1. I have registered my grandson..
    I have a question….
    what type of mask is required?
    Eye protection that women wear or a helmet with mask??

    • Mr. Sabella, it’s not clear whether Bedford Youth Lacrosse will see your comment. Maybe best to reach out to them directly. The Editors

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