BHS Musical Fundraiser to support Les Mis, Students, POMS, and Action Against Hunger

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Bedford Patrons for Music Students (POMS), the music booster for the Bedford public schools, is delighted to introduce a fundraising opportunity for this year’s BHS musical, Les Misérables, to support the students, POMS, and Action Against Hunger.

In normal years, POMS sells well wishes in the lobby during the musical, so audience members can give a small token of appreciation to their favorite cast, crew, or pit member. This year, POMS is coordinating gift bag deliveries for each of the 71 student participants — and your donation makes it possible!

Each gift bag will include several custom items chosen especially to commemorate this year’s show and will be delivered to each student on Opening Night, May 21. (Pictures and details to follow after delivery, so we can keep the contents a surprise!) All donors will be listed on a card to accompany each bag, so your student will see your support.

In addition, the students and staff have chosen to support the charity Action Against Hunger ( Les Misérables reflects the devastating consequences of hunger in early 1800s France, and hunger continues to affect so many families today, including here in Bedford. A portion of every donation will be sent to Action Against Hunger.

Please support our students, POMS, and Action Against Hunger by becoming a sponsor! You can choose from five different giving levels, from $15 to $100, when you donate online at

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