DPW Begins Drop-Off Collection of Glass Items

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Town Manager Sarah Stanton (l), recycling coordinator Ed McGrath, and DPW Director David Manugian at the newly established glass collection station across from the compost collection area at 108 Carlisle Road

The Department of Public Works is expanding its recycling program by offering Bedford residents the opportunity to drop off glass at the Compost Center at 108 Carlisle Road beginning Saturday, April 10.

Glass is being collected in a container across from the compost piles. Accepted glass items are jars, bottles, beverage glasses, and window panes. Lids and caps should be removed; windows should be removed from metal and wood frames.

“This container is for glass only,” said Ed McGrath, Bedford’s recycling coordinator. “This means no metal, wood, or plastic items should go into the container. Also, beverage glasses and window panes should not go into your recycling cart.

“As for jars and bottles,” McGrath added, “you can leave the lids on if you are putting them in your recycling cart. If you bring them to the Compost Center to recycle the glass, please remove the lids and caps and place them in the trash.”

For safety reasons, residents are urged to drop their glass items into the container.

“Broken glass is a major source of contamination in the recycling stream because glass shards get mixed in with paper and other materials,” said McGrath. “We’re hoping to reduce the amount of glass that’s sent to the recycling facility and improve the quality of the materials that the Town collects.”

McGrath added that with glass and cardboard collection areas now being offered to residents at the Compost Center, it will alleviate the pressure to fit all the recyclables in a recycling cart.

“The glass drop-off is another step to divert materials from the commingled stream and the waste stream, and improve the overall Refuse and Recycling program,” McGrath said.

The schedule for the Compost and Recycling Center is at https://www.bedfordma.gov/refuse-and-recycling/pages/calendars

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