From the Garden with Laura Bullock ~ April: Spring Clean-up and Hellebores

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About ‘From the Garden with Laura Bullock’

I have been an avid gardener for over 20 years and my knowledge comes from how I learn best, which is getting my hands in the dirt and working with the successes and failures that are part of that journey.

I read every article, magazine, and book I can get my hands on, and if there is a garden tour or plant sale nearby, I’ll be there.

I look to nature for color combinations and it always fascinates me how a plant in one spot thrives, yet the same plant 4 feet away barely survives.

There are thousands of books on gardening, covering every topic you could imagine, so choosing a few areas of focus each month will be challenging – in a good way! In general I’ll offer up some tidbits of information, highlight plants (usually perennials) you might not have tried in your garden, provide combinations and pairings, and will pass along any other fun ideas that come up.

Gardening helps you stay in the present moment, forget about the world for a little while, and doesn’t expect perfection.

If a plant isn’t happy in its spot, or you think it belongs somewhere else, simply move it and try again.

Nothing is permanent or absolute. Seems to be a perfect metaphor for life.


Perennial of the Month ~ Hellebore

I have a favorite plant for each of our four seasons and hands down, the Hellebore – or Lenten Rose – is one that brings me a lot of joy! This perennial is the first to rise up out of the ground in March, defying the cold and snow to show off its beautiful blooms. It loves shady areas and moist soil, and will provide blooms well into June. Available in a color palette that ranges from the softest cream to the deepest burgundy, it is one of the few perennials that has green flowers.

Hellebore images, clockwise from upper left (c),, and


Image (c) Pinterest

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3 thoughts on “From the Garden with Laura Bullock ~ April: Spring Clean-up and Hellebores

  1. Hi Laura,
    Hellebores are beautiful plants. Thank you for introducing me to this perennial.
    Great article filled with good advice.
    Hope to see you soon, Jean

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