Guidance on Face Masks ~ April 30, 2021

The Bedford Health Department has shared guidance from Governor Baker’s recently revised Order (April 30, 2021) requiring masks in public places for all persons over the age of 5.

Effective April 30, 2021, masks are

Not required—

  • Outdoors during unorganized activities (e.g. walking or exercising, when able to maintain 6 feet of distance)


  • At  small gatherings in private homes


  • At all times in indoor public places (e.g. the office, a store)
  • Outdoors when unable to maintain 6 feet  of distance (e.g. walking on a busy trail or enjoying the playground)
  • Outdoors during organized activities (e.g. attending or playing a sports game or practice)
  • At all times at organized events, whether indoors or outdoors – (e.g. theater, Town Meeting)


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