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  1. Rick Reed’s letter to the editor, “A Statement of Concern”, contains an incorrect statement re the Conservation Administrator position. Rachel Kelly was hired in the fall of 2020 as a permanent replacement for Elizabeth Bagdonas, roughly seven months after Ms. Bagdonas retired. Ms. Kelly left the position at the end of January to become the Director of Planning and Development in Winthrop [1]. The position has been vacant since then, i.e., for slightly over two months.

    Chris Gittins
    Member, Bedford Conservation Commission


    1. https://www.thebedfordcitizen.org/2021/02/kelly-resigns-town-seeking-conservation-administrator/

  2. Time to get out in front of this and create additional transparency. I was wondering about this myself, but didn’t know all the details.



  3. We have lived here for over 40 years and we’re devoted members of the community Being a volunteer is part of our Civic duty. But Bedford has not made that easy. My husband applied for the conservation committee last August and never heard anything for almost 7 months. I applied for the Energy and Sustainability committee back in January and did not hear anything for three months. How is it possible that it takes so long ? Can you imagine applying for a job and not getting even a follow up email or phone call for over half a year. It so sad because both of us have extensive experience in these fields. But because we never heard back we just figured we were not wanted and moved on.

    Sadly ,
    MAdeleine Altmann

  4. I find that I must both commend and concur with retired Town Manager Rick Reed’s comments regarding the recent decimation of the Finance Department. Similar to Mr. Reed, I also had forty years of local government experience, proudly serving two communities, with the last twenty six years as Bedford’s Finance Director before my retirement in 2011. During my time in Bedford, I was proud that the Town received Aaa Bond Ratings, excellent Audit Reports, as well as repetitive
    awards for excellence in Financial Reporting from the national Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). I must say that such recognition came about and was reflective of the hard work and impressive decision making of the dedicated Boards, Committees and Town Meetings, as well as the Town Departments, including the Finance Department, which also, included many of those that have recently departed.
    During my tenure, the turnover in the Finance Department was minimal and mostly attributable to the normal reasons, such as job advancement, moving or retirements. Also, as Mr. Reed as indicated, replacements were carefully chosen only after a several month period of review. In conclusion, I felt that I had to share my concerns. Bedford is a wonderful community, that I miss and was proud to serve.

  5. I have similar concerns about “how Bedford is being run”. I have held public office in Bedford. I have worked in another municipality in Massachusetts. I applied for a position within Bedford government and experienced sub professional responses to my questions about my quick rejection As a qualified candidate I asked for feedback about which aspects of my resume were deficient such that I didn’t even warrant an interview. I got no response
    Recently, in a different capacity I sought assistance that was needed and it required input from the Town Managers office. I was brushed aside repeatedly and eventually an assistant did return my call. There are reasons why people leave a job, but these departures and the uneven hiring practices are cause for great concern. Please know that I too will put forth my concerns to the selectboard in support of the observations made by our higly respected former town manager.

  6. Rick, I echo your words as well. I have shared similar concerns with several Selectmen specific to the turnover you reference and future inevitable exits of other town department heads and or employees, if the ripple effects flow down stream from the Finance Departments mass exodus.

    If this article from you does not wake people up to start demanding answers from the Selectmen, I’m not sure what will. The Selectmen reading this (and all of you will) should respond with answers ASAP and or set up a ZOOM meeting to respond to all residents looking for the same answers to questions Mr Reed tables in his article. You owe that to the residents of Bedford.

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