Letter to the Editor: Easter Dawn at Fawn Lake

This once-a-year Easter gathering has contributed much to the Bedford we know. Commonalities of kindness, caring, and good citizenship are certainly fed by our faith in our Redeemer as a nice community mindset. These have contributed to the rearing of children and to the citizenship you see in folks here in Bedford.

Editor’s Note: Click this link for details of Bedford’s 2021 ecumenical, lay-led Easter service, now in its 70th year.

Bedford has a historic flag but we share far more than that in promoting thoughts, attitudes, and convictions.

Yes, we come from many approaches to the worship of Christ who died for us. We all hold different ideas in our heads, but a common love for Christ and how Easter contributes to that is in our hearts. We live in the manifestation of our common love for Christ.  How fortunate Bedford is.  We believe we are better people/citizens through worshiping. For worshiping we turn to music, prayer and challenging thoughts.  And we look heavenward for our meaning for being.  Yes, it uplifts us with love to spread around.

We’ve come to realize what this worship service means to us when we couldn’t observe it in 2020. I am glad that we are beginning to be able to return to this common expression of faith.

May the Lord be praised for it. And may you carry uplifting thoughts and soul-satisfying feelings from having experienced it.

Happy  Easter, dear friends.

Keep Christ in your hearts.


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