Letter to the Editor: In Support of 100% Renewable Energy Bill

The 100% Renewable Energy Bill is the key to a safe, happy, and clean future for all. It is estimated that there are only 50 years of fossil fuels remaining. This current system of cultivating energy creates catastrophic levels of air pollution, which is hurting both our planet and those who inhabit it. It is extremely timely that we work together to prompt the switch from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy sources.

The 100% Renewable Energy Bill HD. 3551 works to fully transition the state of Massachusetts to 100% clean and renewable energy by the year 2035. If passed, this legislation would eliminate pollution to air, water, and land, while also mitigating climate change. This would also improve the lives of those unfairly affected by pollution, as well as the well-being of all citizens of Massachusetts.

This is an issue that many citizens are concerned about, and on board with. It is imperative that we all band together to achieve passing this bill since it is an essential step in setting up a safe, happy, and clean world for future generations, including your children’s children to enjoy.

Editor’s Note: Marissa Hanley is a student at Middlesex Community College and an Intern with MASSPIRG Students

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