One thought on “Letter to the Editor: Supporting Indigenous Peoples Day

  1. Indigenous, and the meaning of the word, suggests most of our Universe is filled with indigenous people. Just reading the background and history of any nationality, we largely come from a mixed salad of life! Famous names from the past and present ID by a date on our calendar of the titled person and their noted success, are a marker of time and circumstance. Would the name Hitler fit?
    Thinking ahead, since we each have our own beliefs, does this open the door for Dec. 25 and Christmas being removed? New Year – Jan. 1, freedom to become inebriated along with St. Patrick’s Day, Mar. 17. My name is Italian but my origin is English, Irish & French, all immigrants from 1634-1870. Columbus made it all possible with a crew and a boat from the Queen of Spain. Salute!

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