MCC Overflow Parking Lot Suggested to Relieve Drop-off/PickupTraffic at Lane

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You know that enormous empty stretch of asphalt on Springs Road across from Wilderness Park?

Well, that may have the potential to mitigate the traffic congestion around Job Lane School and Sweetwater Avenue during drop-off and pickup times.

Superintendent of Schools Philip Conrad told the School Committee Tuesday that the space, which is normally used as an overflow parking lot by Middlesex Community College, is under consideration as a satellite arrival and departure location for Lane students.

Here’s how the plan would work: the parking lot is contiguous to the narrow-gauge rail trail, which leads to the school grounds. Kids could bike or walk to and from the satellite spot.

Police Chief Robert Bongiorno and Patrick Cook, executive director of public affairs at Middlesex, confirmed that the proposal is under consideration. No one had a timetable yet for implementation. College classes are nearly all remote this semester.

The traffic at Lane has been exacerbated by the return of third, fourth, and fifth graders to full-time learning in school, and the reluctance of many parents to have their children ride school buses.

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