Patriots Day, 2021 ~ An Abbreviated Observance

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Peter Secor stands ready to fire a ceremonial musket shot while Roy Kring and Jim McGinn stood at attention, listening to current Bedford Minuteman Captain Chuck Hacala’s remarks.


On Patriots Day morning, the current and three past captains of the Bedford Minuteman Company gathered informally at Willson Park to honor Captain Jonathan Willson, the only Bedford soldier who did not return from the Concord Fight on April 19, 1775.

In a short ceremony marking the 246th anniversary of Capt. Willson’s death, current company captain Chuck Hacala honored First Responders; firefighters who lost their lives fighting wildfires in Oregon and California; police officers including members of the US Capitol Police; thousands of individuals and health care workers who have perished during the pandemic; and the brave women and men serving in the country’s armed services around the world.

Hacala also paid tribute to Bedford Minuteman Neil Hill who died 11 years ago, during the company’s traditional early morning march from Willson Park to participate in Concord’s annual Patriots Day parade.

Editor’s Note: Click this link to learn more about Captain Jonathan Willson

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