3 thoughts on “Planning Board Approves Special Permit for Non-Conforming Facade Size at 310 The Great Road

  1. The idea that the board allowed for at least variances and didn’t dig deep for substantial concessions that would be pleasing to the citizenry, after so so many comments were made but the citizens is a big faux par by the board. This could have been a win win situation, but it wasn’t

  2. Yes all systems go for the builder, is a terrible way to handle community concerns especially related to bike lane space. It will be ugly too.

  3. Too “Blocky ” & “Charmless “; well why not; seeing as how a few existing other Business-Locations w/ Great Rd frontages have been Just-That for a lotta years that have gone past…… Our lacking a Small-Town-Look along parts of Great Rd, has sufficed for Decades…

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