The Library’s Great Squirrel Caper

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Bethany Klem (c) 2021 all rights reserved

Feeling comfy, perched on the head of the Children’s Room stuffed tortoise

On a recent Monday morning, staff members were surprised to find a furry visitor in the Children’s room.

How the squirrel got in is somewhat of a mystery but it may have snuck in while the Facilities Department was working on the building.

Once in the Children’s Room the squirrel found some packets of hot chocolate mix and apparently enjoyed a sugar high.

Bethany Klem (c) 2021 all rights reserved

The Hero Team

Bethany Klem, head of Children’s Services thanked Bob and Chris for being the first to offer advice, Richard for deciding that we didn’t need to wait for Facilities to come with a trap and all three for coming armed with shovels and rakes to shoo the visitor out the emergency exit.

Callaghan and a helper safely and humanely escorted the critter out of the building, after one or two failed attempts.

The Trustees suggested this escapade would be good material for a children’s book!

“I henceforth dub the visitor,” intoned Klem, “Professor Squirrel!”


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One thought on “The Library’s Great Squirrel Caper

  1. I worked in the old library and in the late spring and summer it was so hot (no air conditioning!) that we’d leave the front door open and we often had chipmunks running around, especially in the Reference Section (they were very smart chipmunks!). When patrons would “warn” us, we’d just say that we knew….they liked the atmosphere!

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